Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's Tuesday night...

and the air is a' buzz with activity no? Drama on every oxygen atom. Anyway, I thought I'd just pop in real quick to say harro. I'm in a very bloggy type mood today. I'm always in the mood to blog when i'm super happy, if you put aside the little bickerings of highschool life, today was a damn good day. I went to the gym, I figured out I went up a cup size (YAY BOOBIES), I made pasta salad, I got 100% on my ACCG assignment, and I talked to a lot of old friends tonight. It's good I think, friend zone all around. It gives me more freedom to wear my sex heels lol.

Mmmmm, yummy. 

Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams.


  1. I love pasta this looks delicious..
    hello how are you , had to stop by your blog LOVE the name and welcome to blog world and following ya

    please check my blog follow me ??

  2. Thanks for dropping by, I love getting such great feedback. Keep the comments coming, I'd love to hear more from you :D

  3. Love how u said sex heels haha. & yeah I get u, I'm always in the best blogging mood when I'm happy and everything is going well:)

  4. Sometimes there are just that one pair of shoes, or that one lipstick color that just put you in the mood, ya know?

    I hope everything is going well for you :)