Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Monday Murpage

Even though it's Tuesday.

I know, I'm sorry, I completely forgot. I just caught caught up in the day and time just slipped away from me. But fear not, you will still get your daily dose of Kaelin blabber :).

das a good man. 

1. Mood:
Bright eyed and bushy tailed for 9am. I'm about to go out for a run. 

2. What size bed do you sleep in?
A full size. It's actually very overpowering in my room because it's so big, and in reality I only need half the space for sleeping.

3. BLINGBlingBLING. How much is too much?
On the dailies I'm not really one to wear accessories. Sometimes I'll put together an outfit and I'll realize it's begging for a pair of earrings, or some boho bracelets; but 80% of the time the only thing I'll have on is a hair tie around my wrist. However, if I was going to say, The Oscars, you can never have enough. I'd rent out all the Harry Winston my body could lift.

4. How do you feel about sales assistants?
This one is pretty well debated in the beauty community. I think it all depends on the type of sales assistant. Everyone's always looking for the beauty BigFoot, that sales assistant who's exactly like your best friend except 10 times more knowledgeable about summer's latest collection. The one who gives you extra free samples, and the display panels of discontinued eye shadow lines. Unfortunately, theres not loads of big foots running around, and I've found that most sales girls I've ever worked with were unhelpful and less knowledgeable about their products than I was.

5. What's your go to solution to turning around a bad day?
Hanging out with my band of bro's always helps :D. Most of my friends are boys, and they really don't care if I've put on makeup, or if my hair isn't clean. They'll still let me sit on their laps, tell me I'm pretty, and make me laugh until I cry. I love those guys :3

6. Have you ever gotten any hate on your blog?
Only once, someone sent me an email that said I was rude and inappropriate in my posts and called me a bitch. I was flattered that I was popular enough to have a hater XD. 

7. Name six things you love GO:
red lipstick, bubble tea, my boys, sunrise hikes, forehead kisses, and warm hands.

8. What direction do you face in the shower?
Depends on if there's anyone else in there with me

9. Describe your favorite pair of shoes
My black suede side cut out laced front pumps would have to be my favorite. Those babies just screeeeeeeeeeam sex and always put me in a super amped mood >;].

10. Something that's been stuck in your head:
Quite a few things actually, ask me about them.

It was nice talking to you today :3

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  1. bubble tea~ ♥ i love those heels of yours, btw. the black cutout ones ;)

  2. Thanks mags, they're my pride and joy. I got free popcorn and candy wearing those the other day ;)