Monday, September 05, 2011

The Dream.

Have you ever had one of those, "no rules" dreams? The kind where you can float around, teleport, fight aliens, and defy the rules of our restrictive reality? Those are my favorite kind. My mom use to say I had an overactive imagination, but I think she never discouraged it because if I was busy having imaginary tea parties with the Pope and Barney, my hands would be out of the cookie jar.

Nowadays my imaginary play time takes on a different form: online window shopping.

It's kinda an obsession really. I'll scroll through thousands of items and fill up my imaginary cart til my hearts content, without a care to the cost. $200 jeans? Psh. $768 Prada Shoes? No sweat. $1,459 DVF dress? Chump change. After you get the high from filling up, you're supposed to ditch at the last stage of checkout. This process is supposed to help recovering shopaholics get the same high as normal shopping, without the wallet damage. Unfortunately, my resolve isn't strong, and often times something ends up coming home with me XD.

Here's a little dream room I put together after today's imaginary spree. It's kinda like a ladies lounge/closet/old hollywood dressing room. I hope you enjoy, let me know down in the comments what'd you fill your dream room up with.

I'd use this for makeup storage. 


I'm really into this kind of ultra girl/urban utilitarian design style lately. Its something my future gay design hubby David Bromstead and I have in common >;).

  Mmm I'll let you renovate my kitchen ANY day.

Tehehe. I'm kinda obsessed.

It was nice talking to you today :3
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  1. I agree with you soo much. I am tempted to buy way too much stuff from YesStyle, especially since I spotted the brand Othermix. (so expensive though)

    And I love the wall decals *o* so pretty!

  2. Home decor is my FAV since moving into an apt! Too bad I'm also broke as can be, sigh. Love all your picks :) xxAnisa