Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Murpage

Okay, it's 10:26 and I'm just now starting, as long as this gets in before midnight it still counts right? RIGHT. I'll admit it, this week I totally forgot about Monday Murpage. I just lost track of the time guis :/. Remember those changes I've been rambling on about? Yeah, it's those again. I feel like I'm becoming that purple monster with a billion heads from Hercules;

Too many captains; too many people; too many directions. Its hard to live when you're 7 different people.

Today I mostly murped around my house and ran a few local errands. My parents are really taking advantage of my need for driving practice and sending me all over town. They even enlisted me to be their designated driver for a function this week. Hey, the California Drivers Handbook said I had to drive with an adult over the age of 25, it didn't say anything about that adult needing to be sober.

Lols this blog is starting to be more personal than I imagined it being, maybe I should change my little about me blurb so I don't mislead people.

1. Mood:
A little worn down. I'm feeling kinda under the weather. 

2. What's the worst date you've ever been on?
The time a guy invited me to the fair and ditched me. I was a little miffed at first because we'd arrived together, but I got over it enough so that I could find someone else to fill my daily dose of testosterone. He was pretty mad when he found out. To be fair, I didn't even know it was a date. 

3. Do you have an earphone preference?
I do indeed. I actually have kinda oddly built ears, so earphones present a certain challenge. I have small ear holes (canals?) so the earbuds with the foam stuff that are suppose to fit to your ears always fall out on me. And then I also have a pretty small head, so head phones rarely hit on my ears even on the smallest setting. And ear phones that wrap around the ear are usually too big at standard size because my ears are so small. I'm kinda just all around small in the headular area. I wish the same could be said about my butt. Right now, I'm using this cool hair of workout earbuds from target with these rubber cones inside. Oh Target, you always have just what I need.
4. Are you a dress girl?
I love dresses, they make me feel so feminine and lovely. I buy them all the time, but in actuality I hardly ever wear them. Usually if I'm getting out of my pajamas that means I'm going to go pal around with my bro fest, and I really don't want to be on panty protection mode.

5. Leggings as pants?
Unless your top is long enough to cover your lady parts, no. I do NOT want to see your camel toe. Not cute honey. 

6. Do you want to get married?
For sure someday. I gotta find someone to share all these pokemon cards with. I'm still waiting to find a guy I'd want to wake up to everyday. 

7. The apocalypse has hit, and the all mighty universe power is about to kill your family, your dog, your cow, your lamp; unless you choose one: fries or rings?
That's a no brainer. Rings all the way. Who could resist a crunchy, greasy, deep friend onion?

8. Lipstick or lipgloss?
Lipstick. I've yet to find a completely unsticky long wearing lipgloss. And there's just something so glamorous about taking out a compact mirror and reapplying lipstick. Some people might find that annoying, but personally I think it's nice and refreshing. 

9. What's your dream job?
long term: to be a Google employee so I can bring my dog to work, eat within 100 feet of my desk, and go rock wall climbing during my lunch breaks. 
short term: to be a bloomingdales beauty counter girl

10. Something that's been stuck in your head:

I want someone to use the Stamos Snugglefest moves on me. 

I swoon.

It was nice talking to you today :3

Ps. It's 11:59. OIYEEA :D
currently listening to: black & gold ~ellie goulding

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