Friday, September 09, 2011

Sky Full of Lighters.

 **The songs I include at the end of each post are usually how I feel when I'm writing them. Try taking a listen to it while you're reading if you wanna see what it's like in this Kaelin mind. Link at the bottom like always.
So to tell you the truth, I've been sitting on these pictures for about a week XD. I had them all set and ready to rumble, but then I just couldn't think about anything to write about.

Well. That's not exactly true. 

I think it's not that I have nothing on my mind, it's that I just can't get my brain into blog mode to write it all down in a way that makes semi-processable sense. Honestly I did try to post :/. It's just that... I mean if I wrote down every thought I'd thought to write about this week, not only would this world be all the more scarier of a place, but I think I'd be in even more of a jumble. It's kinda like for me, when I write something down, or tell someone about it, suddenly it's real. Like before that it could all just be something in my head, but once it's out there in the world, it's real. Is anyone else like that?
Haha maybe my writers block is a symptom of my hideous cold. Last Sunday my adventures got a little *ahem* out of hand, and the next day I landed a pretty bad bug I've yet to get over. Germ warfare, I guess the boys you do really do get back at you XD (If you just thought of the SummerSet song, please marry me).
Was it worth it or not? Jury's still out on that one, but it sure was fun >;].

Tehe, anywhooooo tonight I'm trying my very best to will my sickness away. I've been taking medicine, getting good rest, and drinking all sorts of super nasty herbal supplements (ick!) in the hopes that my immune system can pull it together enough for me to go out this weekend. I've already spread myself kinda thin, let alone accounting for the sickness. Le sighh heres hoping. 

What I'm Wearing:
shirt~ Forever21Men
studded shorts~ American Eagle
belt~ American Eagle
lighter ring~ Urban Outfitters
fishnets~ Urban Outfitters
shoes~ le saunda
bag~ Anna Sui
the lovely Sarah, the photographic genius responsible for making me look a little bit desirable. 

It was nice talking to you today :3

Ps. This is my 50th post! Wow I can't believe you're all still with me. Thank you for the support guys, it really means a lot to me that you're here. 
currently listening to: lighters~ bad meets evil


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  1. Love your blue heels~ I'll go to your house and steal them one day. I will. And if you hadn't been sick I would have told Tyler to stop by your house before we went to the headlands :( Get better!