Friday, August 12, 2011


In case you don't like reading that sort of stuff, here's a few kitties:

I warn you, beyond this point. Shit doesn't get cuter than that ^^^

I think the happiest people in the world are the ones who are in a relationship with someone who loves them. Whether that be marriage, a boyfriend/girlfriend deal, domestic partners, whatever. Some people argue for the single life, and as someone who's played both sides of that field I can see the draw. Doing anything you want when you want to without having to "check in" with someone, flirting with 10 billion people all the time (provided you have the game), and partying till your hearts content. All sounds like a good deal bro. But.
I feel like if you love someone, it won't feel like giving a status report to a commanding officer, it'll be sharing your day with someone. And flirting doesn't have to be something with a big huge score in mind, it can just be something sweet to bring someone closer. And if you love someone, going out together will be 10 times as much fun as being alone. I understand that sometimes people do need time to find themselves all off on their own, but. At some point, don't you know who you are? Why do you need to keep looking, if it means giving up whats making you happy?
I've just went/am going through a breakup, and not gonna lie, it's pretty rough. But I understand why it needed to happen. We needed a break, time apart. We both changed, his was just a transformation that our current relationship couldn't contain. He didn't treat me how I wanted to be treated, or should be treated, and it was time to end. Only I'm not sure it's ended. Ended to me means, "the end. nada. more story. sunset. blank page. done." And I'm not quite sure it's like that. Just something about him. I loved him more than I've ever loved anything, and I feel like he felt the same way, even if he doesn't think so now. It's undeniable that things are different, but are they so different to completely erase what we had? I don't know if stuff like that just goes away.
I'm not going to pine after him, wait around, and regret my choice. What happened happened, and if our paths should cross again I think I'd try to be more cautious. I like to think of myself as a strong person, and this isn't my first time around the block. I know how to get over a guy, I've done it a hundred times before and I'm sure I'll havta do it again. I'm the kind of girl who picks up the chips and moves on, or mostly does. You could say I'm a rebounder. Which if you think about it, is equally as unhealthy as the kind of girl who sits on her couch, eats ice cream, and cries all day. Both could give you some kind of illness and/or infliction XD.
As of right now, my ex and I aren't speaking. It's kinda strange. For a year and a half I haven't gone more than 2-3 days without talking to him, but here we are. Weeks later. I dunno if we can be friends right now, from what I've seen, he's turned into the type of guy I wouldn't want to know. But maybe, I could be wrong. Maybe its not what it seems. Who knows.
You could say that I'm still nursing a broken heart, and everyday I still think about how things went down, but the thoughts kinda vary from anger, hurt, joy, misery, and acceptance. Each day I'm finding the acceptance thoughts come more and more frequently. I'm starting to find those butterflies come back into my stomach when I meet a cute guy on the street, or chat up an especially charming waiter. I'm not entirely happy, but I'm not unhappy either. More, trying to start a new little chapter. But still, I'm looking forward to a time when I can feel as high as I did 18 months ago.

Anyway, that was just my little two cents :). I'm sorry blog content has been laggy, I'm starting school in just 3 days (UGH!), but I'll do my best to put up some new stuff before then. I just got back from a trip down to LA with one of my best friends yesterday, and I have a shitt ton of pictures. Haha I've been traveling quite a bit this summer.

Tell me a story of something lovely, I'm sure the world is still nice somewhere.

                   Ps. Heres a cute cat in case you were sad.

It was nice talking to you :3

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  1. Those cats were too cute ;__;
    I dunno what went down between you two but you can always talk to me if you want!
    And I'm sad to say, but I have another Tyler incident. They keep on piling up and I dislike it greatly.

  2. Maggie I asked for *LOVELY* stories. That doesn't sound at all lovely :/

    Grace Nguyen thought we were dating, she even told me that when we were at the mall last Friday. Of course, I then corrected her. This happens to me too often... OTL
    Also, when flamingo-ing Faye's house I discovered he really has no sense of direction.

  4. wow so adorable! love the photos you've picked out :)

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  5. Tehe who doesn't love cute cats?
    Thanks for following!