Tuesday, August 09, 2011

And its hard because...

I warn you, shit gets personal beyond here. I wouldn't look if i were you.

Things I Hope He'll Remember About Me:
1. I love kitkats
2. My legs are always scarred
3. I really don't like tumbler
4. My phone always dies
5. I like to tackle hug
6. My birthday is december 16th
7. I think giraffes are pretty fucking cool
8. I have a mole on my left thigh, all the girls on my dads side have one. Mines biggest.
9. I have a mushroom nose that crinkles when I laugh
10. I have big brown eyes that use to light up.
11. I was the first.
12. I get irritated easily
13. I was wrong sometimes
14. I cared
15. I still do. sadly.

Things I'll Remember About Him:
1. One of his eye brows grows in two separate directions, the first half points up and the second half lays flat.
2. The sound of his real laugh
3. His arms wrapped around me
4. They way he looked at me and we both knew
5. When he held my hand when I was crumbling, and told me I was still beautiful.
6. He loved me.
7. He lied.
8. He doesn't care.
9. The way the silence feels.
10. The time he tried to beat the system, and brought me back under.
11. He changed his mind.
12. The way things use to be.
13. He broke my heart.
14. He doesn't care.
15. He changed, to what he said he'd never be.

Things I'll Just Remember:
1. the first kiss
2. our anniversary
3. the wall
4. that night
5. the fear.
It was a mistake on my part, he got too close. It won't happen again.

I miss the love, maybe it'll show up again somewhere; someday.

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