Monday, July 11, 2011

Who said plane travel isn't sexy?

Well, maybe not sexy. But certainly it can be comfy cute.

Live Fish Tikki Tank

Land bridge over glass koi pond

Hiddi-ho from Canada my moose herd. I'm live from the beautiful Vancouver airport right now, on a layover to get to my beloved Hong Kong, and I thought I'd share my travel outfit.

Admit it. Even the best of us, the most chic fashionistas, are guilty of some scuzzy plane outfits. I call it, The Skyhigh Syndrome. Somehow, that girl that goes to the library in sky high heels and puts on her best lippie for a run to the grocery store, magically morphs into a sweatpants and hoodie hobo come airtravel. Fess up my fellow comfort cravers, I've been there. My first international trip was when I was 2 months, my mom packed me up in a teddy bear onsie (yikes!) and shoveled me onto the plane, throwing style to the wind.

Although those fuzzy fleece pajamas made for cozy travel, theses days I've upgraded to something a little more acceptable to wear outside of bed. I swear, some people think that just because you can buy 1.74 liters of alcohol duty free and fly 10,000 feet into the air you're exempt from all the rules of reality. Like clean hair, real pants (I'm looking at you pajama jeans!) , and bras. Yes I've seen people without bras in the airport, some of which, really NEED a bra for their fruit snacks.

I do a lot of traveling, so I've had a lot of time to experiment. I find that this formula works the best:

Loose fitting shirt + Warm Cardigan + Light Jacket + Black Stretchy Pants + Slip-on Shoes = Airport Win *insert fist pump*

In front of a glass koi pond in Vancouver Airport

A perfect example of comfy, anti-Skyhigh Syndrome attire I think. It's a full day of travel to get to Hong Kong, about 20 hours including the layover, so if I can hack being on a plane that long out of fleece pants, so can you. Please excuse my scary no-makeup face. Although I do love me some beat face, I'm not completely ready to toss out the remainder of my airport bubble fantasy world.

These are my favorite pair of travel pants; stretchy and soft like a legging, but the same thickness as a pair of jeans. Most importantly they're OPAQUE. Its one of my biggest pet peeves when I see girls running around with leggings as pants that are totally see through, or worse TIGHTS as pants. *shivers*. Ladies please, those are meant to go UNDER your clothes.

What I'm Wearing:
Anorak ~ Old Navy
Knit Cardigan ~ Forever 21
Orange Tee ~ American Eagle
Seam Detail Stirrup Pants ~ Forever 21
Oxford Flats ~ Steve Madden
Tassel Necklace ~ American Eagle 

This is my family's first trip without my sister. She's already in Hong Kong right now for a college Mandarin immersion class for 5 weeks. She's been gone for about 2 now, and I really miss her. We've always been really close and it's weird not having her around, just another thing I'll have to get use to. Especially since she's going off to college in September. I'll meet up with her on my own while my parents are entertaining other guests for a few days, and maybe I can trick her into doing a post with me ;).

Anyway I'm off, my planes about to leave! GAHHH

It was nice talking to you all today :3


  1. Have fun in HK!! I love the shoes.
    and Pajama Jeans exist? Blasphemy.

  2. OHTHANKS :D. and yes, pajama jeans exist. There was a time when I even considered buying some for my homeschooling needs.

    Oh wow .__. I did not that was possible.
    You could always just use jeggings, they seem pretty much the same in my eyes.