Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On my Own

Times Square, Causeway Bay

Like I've said before, Hong Kong is like my second home. I'm actually more comfortable walking around here than I am in my own hometown. I feel like I'm less likely to get abducted in China because here I don't have an exotic look and I blend into the crowd. No Asian child exploiter wants to sell a product that's average, they want the porcelain skinned, blue eyed, blonde tourists.

What I'm Wearing:
Tulip-Backed Silk Stripe Top ~Forever21
Lace Tank ~Hollister  
Bandeau ~Tilly's
Tooled belt ~American Eagle
Shorts ~American Eagle 

Today was certainly an eventful first day. I hit up SOGO, a giant department store which incidentally is one of my favorite haunts. It's about 7 floors, but I really only use 2. Ground Level: Cosmetics, Basement: Women's Footwear.

This trip I'm for the most part on my own. I'm in my own hotel room, I keep my own schedule of activities, and I arrange my own transportation. I guess I finally have to take a big girl pill and learn to take care of myself. I'm the youngest in the family, a spring little 16 years, so I'm so use to people taking care of me. Hahaha I guess I have to learn sometime.

My hotel room before I messy-d it up

I had quite the adventure trying to get around town today. My parents +company all decided to take a tour around the island, something I've already done, so I set out to get to my Aunt's apartment to hang out with my cousins. My father gave me no instructions to get there. You can imagine how this went down. 

Luckily, fate reached out a helping hand in the form of an Asian dude with flippy hair. With the help of this random stranger, I actually made it to my aunt's. My parents were a bit concerned that I pal'd around with some random guy for a good 30 minutes, but its coo. He bought me a bubble tea and helped me take picture of the Hogwarts Express train in Times Square :D. Any guy who sips down my beverage of choice and knows what's up with Harry Potter can't be any sort of bad, AMIRIGHT?  Lols, yayy for lucky accidents.

And on a musical note (ha i made a pun... get it? music..? Note...? I'm so pathetic funny). I love this song:

It was nice talking to you today :3

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