Sunday, July 17, 2011

BOO. Miss me yet? :D

Harro my lovlies, heres a quick little photo montage of my last few days in the paradise I call Hong Kong. No full outfit post or anything due to weather conditions. It's been raining like crazy, monsoon season and all, so if I don't remember to ask my mother to take pictures for me before I step out my outfit doesn't look very post worthy. Today was the driest day since I got here, but that means it was like a billion degrees haha.
Remember that boy I met on the tram the other day? I'm going out to lunch tomorrow with he and his friends tomorrow. FINALLY. I can stop tagging along with everyone elses' friends and go off with my own.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend, I'll update again soon, and probably put up some back logged pictures from this week. Ocean Park was amazing, its always an exciting day when you see a panda take a huge dump LOL. Enjoy!

The best way to wind down a Day, some midnight thick toast snackage, yummm.

A group picture of family friends from the states at Vietnamese Dinner 2 nights ago. We ate in a private dining room in a converted apartment above the restaurant's ground level. Quite nicely decorated eh? Wish my room looked this stylish.

And then, today's big excitement...

I got my fringe cut! Gah. I feel so different. I havent had real fringe in about 2 years and I must say, no matter how cute, I remember why I got rid of it. It's so much work to maintain! Every time the wind blows, every time a rowdy boy ruffles it, it must be readjusted. Le sigh. Oh well, all in the name of good hair right?

It was nice talking to you :3

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