Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Old habits die hard....

So I suppose late night blogging is just going to be my thing.
I  can dig that.

I felt really good about putting that post up nice and early in the evening today. I thought it might put me on the right track to regular blogging, but I guess the universe just prefers for me to document my thoughts at night. 
I really need photoshop. Like REALLY really ReAlLy need photoshop. I think its the only solution to my flash photography woes. I'm not looking to do anything dramatic. I don't want to give myself a virtual face lift or Angelina Jolie lips, I just want my colors to turn out right :/. I'm not sure how I'm going to save up enough money for it, especially because all my funds are going towards an air brush machine. I MysteryMan would help me out, he's pretty savvy with computers and such, but things aren't riding out so smooth with that plan. 
Oh well. We push on. Expect another post tomorrow (er, today?) lovlies, I think I'm going to go ponder around the Internet aimlessly. 

Goodnight, and it was nice complaining to you :3


  1. download gimp! Basically free photoshop, and a lot simpler as well. Just search 'gimp' in google and it should be the first link.

  2. Hey, next time I come over, I'll get you Photoshop. I worked out the complications and process to about a 63% sketch rate. You down?

  3. Thanks mags, i'll download gimp today. There are more tutorials on how to use photoshop, but if i love it then it won't make a difference.

  4. If gimp doesn't work for you, I do have photoshop 7 on a CD. It's super old but it'll work for the basics, which you will be using. Graphic design-wise, it's about as ancient as Albus Dumbledore