Monday, April 04, 2011

Girl, you must be on a new diet because Honey you look FABULOUS

Evening Ya'll :).
How's everyone's Monday been going?
For the last couple of days here at RHW I've been having some restless nights. On Saturday I decided it was time I paid some well deserved attention to my little baby blog, and made some moves to kick it up a bit. If you haven't noticed, RHW has had quite a facelift ;D. This was the product of a 6 hour struggle to get the new layout to fit and about a billion searches around Google to make it work. Homegirl's not the best with computers....

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the changes I've made, and expect some more in the near future. Tomorrow I'll hit you guys up with an OTD, since the weathers been so pleasant lately.

See you tomorrow my dears, as always it was nice talking to you.


  1. I hope you know in our Chem class Max is not no. 1 any more lol. We had four A's and he wasn't one of them!!!

  2. Haha I assume you were one of the big winners then mags?

  3. YESS.
    but still. Max hasn't gotten the highest score on the last three tests!! It was so weird ._.