Thursday, April 28, 2011

Click Clack: Asian Models

Hello all, Just another quick pop in. I feel like I'll be doing these quite often, so I thought I'd give these kind of casual quick posts a cohesive name, so from now on they'll all be headed Click Clack. Get it? Like the noise uber high heels make when you're walking down a hall? RedHeelsWalking, the noise high heels make? HAHA. I thought it was clever...

Anyway, today I was perusing the interwebs when I cam across this article about how Asian models are on the rise in the fashion industry. All I can say, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME. In the last few years Asia's Fashion industry has only grown with Fashion Capitols like Hong Kong and Beijing springing up with their won extravagant designers and Fashion Weeks. Personally, I so excited for this new direction. I love looking at Runway makeup, but it's so difficult for me to recreate looks done on Caucasian models. I'm so excited Asian models are on the rise, fabulous theatrical runway looks shall me MINE. Here's a few snapshots of my favorite Asian looks of all time, hopefully there will be more in this coming year if this article is right.

Bruna Tenorio

Liu Wen

Liu Wen

Song Hye Kyo

It was nice talking to you today :3


  1. The only sad part about Asian models is that almost none of them have my facial structure. I mean, come on!! I'm a common face :(

  2. You are what i'd like to call "moon faced" mags. Means you are perfectly round just like a little moon!(just as white too LOL)

  3. So true haha xD
    I blame the baby fat. It hasn't gone away ;A; BUT I will be forever young >:)