Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Some thoughts, not at all beauty related or anything

I hate ignorant people. Stubborn bitches that are so set on their own "right" way that they brainwash themselves into rejecting all forms of logical reason. Be that scientific proof, common sense, or moral decency.
This especially applies to those in positions of power. Just because you are older, you are not wiser. Aging is a natural process that is guaranteed simply by living. If you're not aging, you're dead. Knowledge is an acquired asset. No one is born with it, they earn it. Just because you are bigger, you are not stronger. Size is determined by uncontrollable genetic factors which can only be helped along slightly by working out, or hanging upside down, after your genetic code is completed before birth. Strength is an internal fire, fueled by your passion and pain. Both of which,  have no set "time limit" to acquire.
Who are you to tell me I'm stupid? Or that I am weak? Or that my dreams are silly?

I know exactly who I am, and what I can do. Suck it bitches, go learn to be decent people.

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