Monday, March 14, 2011

Long, Luscious Lashes Have Me on a Mission

I have a feeling a lot of my posts are going to start off with a story, but really, I promise I'll make this one quick.
I'm a Chinese girl, and I'm not ashamed by my Asian features, but they do present quite a problem in a Westernized beauty market. For the longest time
I thought I "couldn't" wear eyeshadow because of my monolid eyeshape, because whenever I tried to I would end up looking like a mess. Not even a hot mess, just a big, muddy, unblended mess. When I went shopping for new sunglasses (post to come soon!), it took me months to find a pair that fit my abnormally large nose, and classically Asian flat face; and when I finally found a pair, they were over $300! Luckily,  Asian companies have realized they've neglected the very large Asian community in the States, and are sending more and more innovations over seas to us :D. One such invention: the heated eyelash curler.
Like me, many Asians suffer with monolids and hooded eyes. For these types of eyes it's common for eyelashes to grow straight and downward into the eye, which can lead to many problems such as astigmatism, itchy eye, and other forms of discomfort. Operations exist to correct this growth problem, but really, who wants surgery for that?
Aside from the medical problems, from a cosmetic standpoint Asian lashes are characteristically stubborn. They refuse to curl, touch all over the lid and get mascara everywhere, AND are short.
A heated lash curler is basicly like the same idea as a curling iron, but for your lashes. It's a long pen shaped device with small rubber ridges to regulate the heat emmiting from the metal coil within the wand. To use, simply wiggly the ridges under your lashes, and slowly roll the wand upwards to coax your lashes away from your eye.

Which leads me to the actual topic of this post, my mission to get a blinc Heated eyelash curler (pictured above). I've been researching these babies for quite awhile now, and I think these could be the solution to my lash woes. They were on sale for $14 ( usually $25 retail), on Hautelook yesterday, but my ignorant and stubborn mother won't allow me to buy it. She thinks its unsafe, although lab tests from Good Housekeeping and other notable makeup artists say otherwise.

*le sigh*

I looked on the blinc website and found 3 places in town that may sell them, but I'll have to do some poking around. My mom threated to actually throw it out if she ever saw it in the house, but i'm willling to take that risk to have lush worthy lashes. Call me vain, call me stupid, heaven knows my mom already does :P.
Thanks for listening ya'll. I have about 3 or 4 posts in the works right now so keep an eye out for those. I think I'm starting to get a hang of this whole blogging whabbersnich.

As always, it was lovely talking to you all.

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