Tuesday, March 08, 2011

On the hunt for the one all women want

It's the ultimate quest. To find one that loves your body, got your back, and serves you through your thick and thin. On both couch days and on dinner dates, rises up to cover you no matter what. One that cradles you with comfort, but at the same time brings out your inner sex kitten. Every woman's looking for THE ONE...

pair of jeans.

The perfect pair of jeans is like a magic wand to any outfit. Be it dressy or casual, Girl you just throw on your jeans and you're good to go. A woman can try on  hundreds of jeans in her lifetime, and never find THE ONE. It's like a wedding dress or a soul mate, sometimes you know it right when you see it; and sometimes you just need a little more time to get to know each other.
I'm no scientist, but from just looking around public areas I'd say that about 80% of the world has yet to find their match, and sadly i fall into that category. That's not to say that those without their denim kindred spirits are dressed *badly* per se, in fact i have many pairs of jeans i think i look just fine in. Which brings me to my first blog picture EVER, dum dum dum daaaaaa!

My Current Favorite Jeans

They're American Eagle 0 Petite Boyfriend fit jeans with very very mild distressing handed down to me from my 24 year old cousin. I've had these babies for awhile, but funnily enough, thought they were completely ill-fitting and ugly and never wore them. You see, I've always pegged myself as a (super) skinny cut kinda girl, and thought any kind of bootcut or flared pants options look too much like the stretchy polyester black pants I use to romp around in elementary school.

Circa 2004
I wish I was joking...

The jeans still don't fit perfectly, even after some minor alterations. I had about 2 inches taken off the bottom of the ALREADY petite sized pant, and it's still a little long. The waist is about 1-1 1/2 sizes too big too. However despite all that I just can't get enough! Maybe it's my new lazy homeschool self that's let go of style and attracted to all the comfort a looser fit offers, but I just love wearing them. Truly boggling.
Mind you, I haven't completely lost sight of who I am from this homeschool mellowing out process; I still put on my skinnies for nicer family diners, when I'm with people I want to impress, or when I know I'll be in a high street neighborhood. My scuzzie jeans are really more for when I choose not to wear sweatpants or pajama pants (which are my go to's on the daily, sad I know). They're for hanging out at the boyfriend's house, walking the dog, every day things.
In the coming weeks I'm going to try to branch out in my comfortable pants style. I'm thinking harem pants perhaps? I have a shopping date coming up with a girl friend so we'll see how much luck I have :).

Well that's all from me today, as always, it was nice talking to you all.

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