Sunday, August 21, 2011

Let's Fly Back

Time just seems to be moving to quickly my dears. Today is already Sunday, and my first week of school has blown by. Summer has official shriveled up in the sun from a robust 3 months to a mere pittance of sunrises and sunsets. le sigh. Time for another chapter. 
This is my new dress I was talking about in last week's Monday Murpage. I found it while wandering around the backstreet boutiques of Mongkok with some of my girlfriends. I actually kinda feel like a blue jay taking flight with the long tail flowing out behind me.

 I saw some stuff like this earlier on some spring/summer runways, but until now I would've never picked something like this up for myself. I guess that's just a sign of my ever-evolving style :D.

What I'm Wearing:
dress~ chinese boutique
heels~ Newport News
belt~ gift

These pictures were taken by my gorgeous bestie Sarah (whom you all know and love by now:) on our most recent photo sesssh. Isn't she the greatest? These photos make me look like I'm a real blogger or something. 

 It feels really nice to be sitting down writing. I've been so worn out with work and last minute end of summer plans to really relax too much. I just got back in from dinner and a movie with some friends (including the ever angsty Kaitlyn from AngstAgainstVampires), and I'm starting to wind down. Nothing relaxes better than blogging and a nice chilly face mask :D. Twas a good day indeed.

It was nice talking to you today:3

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  1. You actually hung with Kaitlyn? I'm hurt!
    I love the dress though, it's so pretty~ ^^