Sunday, August 28, 2011

Isnt it all complicated? (a blurb and photo thoughts)

Il est toujours les fesses d'âne... le sigh.

I never get to say everything. I wish, we could have one day of completely open honesty. Without fear of offending one another, or breaking bonds, or burning bridges. Just honesty with our fellow human beings. Maybe we wouldn't all hurt so much then. 

Talk to me. I promise I'm a nice person.

Dawww, poor Sakka. I love Avatar, that long hair Zuko is one sexy mofo for reals. Not gunna lie, I had a dream once which may or may not be too inapropro for the internet. Just saying. lols.

It was nice talking to you today :3

currently listening to: the rescue ~tyler ward


    Remember the inappropriate skirts and boob grabs?

    Zuko with long hair is rather sexy. Just as long as it's not in a top-knot

  2. Who could ignore a grope so blatant and unabashed? It's okay though, at least they all have matching manicures correlating to their outfits XD.

    Like I said, long hair Zuko is a sexy mofo. That bald topknot thing was so not working for him. This hair makes his scar look super bad ass as opposed to super gross.

  3. And it was aimed so incorrectly... right in the middle!! That is true. And they sparkle when transforming xD

    That is so true. Zuko with the bald topknot was just not cool.

  4. I would let long hair Zuko tuxedo mask my chest any day.