Sunday, May 08, 2011

A little note of appreciation

Hello my lovelies, I assume you're all asleep right now (it's 2 in the morning after all), but when you open up your pretty little eyes it'll be Mothers Day :D. Today I'm actually celebrating a few people: my PauPau (pronounced PAW-PAW), my boyfriend's mom Christine, and of course my own Madre. Each one is special to me, and I'm thankful to have them around.

In Cantonese culture, we call our grandmas' PauPau. I'm not sure if this name is exclusively for a grandma on out mother's side, but before she passed away, my grandma on my dad's side was called MaMa. My PauPau is one of the kindest, most tolerent people I've ever had the good fortune to know. Raising five kids on an airplane mechanic's salary was by no means easy. Somehow she managed to keep a level head and guide her children through to adulthood. She's still the watchful eye of the family, keeping tabs on all of us in our various parts of the country and offering a warm hearted hug. PauPau has a perfectly round face, a Moon face as we call it. My mom says that's where I get my round face from, although mine isn't quite as perfect as her's XD.

You all must think I have no friends because the only people I ever mention are Jamin & Sarah, but let me assure you. I have TONS of super cool guy friends. Yeah. Not really. *forever alone*. My closest female friend is definitely Sarah, but a close second has to be Jamin's mom, Christine. Jamin and I have been together for nearly a year and a half, so I've spent a lot of time with his family. I'm pretty close with all of them, but today's about appreciation for Christine. In addition to being hilariously funny, she's also so sweet, kind, and caring. This past year, I've been very sick, and when my health got to the point when my body couldn't take staying in my own house, Christine opened up hers to me. When my skin was falling off in chunks she fixed their broken bathtub so I could soak away the redness. When I woke up itching and crying one morning she washed all the sheet's in the house. And she prayed for me when I was at my very weakest. It's amazing to me that she could be so generous, especially at a time when I know I was so demanding. She's definitely one of those people I'll always remember for her kindness, and probably someone I'll tell my kids about someday too.

Last but not least, is my own mom. Madre, Mama Bear, Madrizzle foshizzle, or my personal favorite "funsucker". Because "she just tazes the fun out of everything." lols. My mom is a very intense kind of woman. She's stubborn, easily agitated, and not willing to back down from a fight. We butt heads and fight pretty often because of that, but only because I'm exactly the same way. We're two very different people, but that stubbornness and fight kinda puts us in the middle of the big Venn Diagram of personality traits. Despite all the fighting, my mom is THE most amazing woman i know. She's rock solid in her morality, and under no circumstances will crumble. She will sacrifice all she's got for my sister and me, but never show how it hurts. She's saved me, brought me literally back from the dead in a few risky parts of my health, and I really don't think I would've made it to my sixteenth birthday without her. I love her, and even though I'm frustrated sometimes, I'll always keep that. I may be a Daddy's girl, at heart I'm still Mommy's baby.  <3

I hope you all have a lovely mother's day, and as always,

It was nice talking to you today :3

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