Sunday, May 08, 2011

Click Clack: Designer Crush

J Mendal. Until today I'd never heard of him/ her (I really didn't put that much research into this). I generally don't follow runway shows, or keep track of any speific designersd who don't have makeup collections; but I was broswing the interwebs today when I saw this:

J. Mendel Spring 2011

 Pssst, is that an Asian model I do so detect? ;)


Tell me these are not some of the most gorgeous dresses you've ever seen. I especially love that one on the right. I can just image wearing it to a lovely garden day wedding with nude pumps, or even spicing it up for a nice dinner out with a bright bag.

There's something about white dresses that i just can't get over. They're so classy and fresh. I'm going to my Grandpa's 80th bithday party on the East coast, and for the formal party I've been playing around with the idea of a gorgeous white or cream dress. I do have a very pretty little strapless number hanging in my closet from a wedding I went to in december, but I've erm... put on a few pounds, and I'm dreading putting it back on and it not fitting. Sounds like I'm either going to need to hit the gym, or head to bloomingdales LOL.

It was nice talking to you all Today :3


  1. these designs are really gorgeous <3<3

  2. aren't they? i'd love to have something like this one day