Saturday, April 16, 2011

A yummy OTD

Mmmmm. nomnomnom :3

So fun fact, cooking isn't my thing. Any recipe labeled "simple", "easy", or better yet a combination of both, is in my skill range. My Mom is an excellent cook; stir fry, chow phan, lok mai tong, lemon chicken; all fantastic. However, you may notice that ALL of those things are Asian. Asian. Asian.Asian. She trained me in the kitchen and becauase of this I can whip up a steaming pile of dumplings fluffier than clouds without a sweat, but non-Asian foods present a problem. 

Today I tried to make a Nutella Mug Cake. I think it was made my a college student or something, because it takes very little effort or skill and it's "baked" in a microwave. I've heard quite a few people raving about it, so I wanted to test it out too. I was so proud of myself when i took out of the micowave and saw that delicious fluffy muffin top. I showed my Dad, and knowing my dangerous cooking skills, he still took a bite. I was delighted. Until i got to the bottom....

Cake Cocaine (AKA Unmixed Flour)

Gots me a bottom full of COCAINE. Lols, guess I'll stick with Asian food. 

What I'm Wearing:
Tan Knit Sweater Cape -- Open Market in Hong Kong
Floral Bustier -- Forever 21
Lace Tank -- Hollister
Jeggings -- American Eagle
Bow Pumps -- AM

It was a lot cooler this morning when I got up, so that's why I'm wearing a sweater. It's warmed up nicely in the late afternoon, so I've shed that off by now. I don't have any other plans for today, just a little work and such. My poor Mother's down with a cold, so my Dad wants me around to keep an eye on her. My sister gave her this obnoxious cough that sounds like a cross between a wheezing buffalo and a dying moose. She's a buffalose.

It was nice talking to you all :3


  1. I love nutella mug cake! I've been sort of obsessed with it for a long time. It's so fattening though ;A;

  2. Calorie counting is for those who are unfortunate enough to think a number is what makes them beautiful my dear maggie. EATCHOCOLATE.LIVELIFE.

  3. I'm also allergic to chocolate, lol so that may also hinder my love for it.
    But don't worry. I love the stuff.