Thursday, April 07, 2011

OTD: First Skirt of Spring

It really is heating up here in northern California, almost 80 degrees on the dalies! I snapped up these pictures around late afternoon yesterday before I went out to dinner with the fambam in Larkspur. My mom was heading a meeting up there, so we all took the opportunity to spend a little time together.

Quick Story: Okay, so I was walking up the street to the restaurant with my Fadre, minding my own business and chatting along with him about the purpose of a brow pencil. I stopped at a thrift store window with a  mirror display to point out on himself where such a device could be used, when all of a sudden a car of obnoxious boys whips by and screams "YOU'RE HOT" like a bunch of barbarians. Haha oh well, at least that's some kind of compliment right?

I really like the way this outfit turned out, it's so versatile. With just a simple cardigan it looks very reserved and clean cut, but with just a simple subtraction of that item it turns into something with a totally different look. My mom said i looked a bit like a teacher while wearing the cardigan, but whatever, I like them both :).

What I'm Wearing:
Mauve Cardigan -- H&M
Black Velvet Bustier -- Forever21
Double Knit Skirt -- Urban Outfitters
Red Belt -- thrifted

I didn't realize how difficult OTD's really are. I had to run around my house to figure out a place to set up my camera that had good light, an even back drop, and something the correct height to put my camera on. Then every time I wanted to take a picture I'd have to reposition, hit self timer, and run across the room and pose. I still haven't quite gotten the positioning down yet, I really want to get my shoes it. I'm really too self conscious to ask someone to take pictures for me, but it would be so much easier. 


  1. Kaelin if you help me I'll help you! And I love the skirt~

  2. haha we should do a collaboration post of outfits sometime mags.

  3. yes we should, kaelin ;) we should also get kaitlyn in on this equation

  4. kaitlyn doesn't follow me D:

  5. D: well you don't follow me. i'll get kaitlyn to follow you~ kekeke

  6. haha i do too follow you. don't you see my face on your blog under "followers"?

  7. i do not!
    i only see Kaitlyn and Kassidy (you don't know her) along with two others.

  8. love the outfit <3<3
    please take a look at my blog, and follow if u like :)

  9. Thanks, it took some putting together haha. And i'll be sure to check it out :)