Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HARO out there

Welcome to my humble abode. At this exact moment it's 1:20 am on February 15, and I have decided to take up blogging. Beautiful thing about our world isn't it? That just any old bum off the street (or in this case, newly 16 year old girl), can just make a resolution to write, and 3 minutes later be exposing their thoughts to the world. Wow. If my newbness to blogging wasn't made obvious enough by my proclamation about the vastness of the internet, yes this is my first blog.
I've been thinking about taking up blogging for quite some time, but quite frankly until now I had no idea what to write about. I'm already a writer of sorts I suppose, I went to an art school under a Creative Writing discipline for my Freshman and first semester of my Sophmore year, but writing always fell kinda flat for me there. Now I know why, I wasn't writing about what I loved.
Makeup is my nirvana. My ultimate high. My creme de la creme. I love everything about it. The rush of seeing brand new packaging, the thrill of finding a hidden treasure in your arsenal of products, and best of all its the euphoria of feeling like you at YOUR best. My goal here is to have fun with with what i love. Because really isn't that what makeup is for?
So heres my shot out there. Now that I'm free of the restrictions of my art school's ciriculum, and settled into my K12 online school, I feel like I can give this a chance. I'm not really sure how I'm going to go about all of this blogging, but i can promise You, my future readers/friends/haters/collegues:

My life in Beauty.

Because all makeup addicts live life that way, no? We're a pretty fun gang ;D
Please allow me to introduce myself,

Hi. I'm Kaelin, and it was nice talking to you today.

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