Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Monday Murpage

11:35 pm No time for cute charming/mildly entertaining oddly humored intro blurb. GO.

I don't have time to find a relevant picture raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. 
Que uber kyoot snugly kittens.

1. Mood:
Beyond frazzled, next question. 

2. How do you feel about shorts over tights?
I personally have absolutely nothing against it, and have been noted to sport the look quite a few times. I think it all depends on the texture/length of your shorts, and the print (if any) of your tights. 

3. If you had the choice between a large bedroom, or a dream walk in closet, which would you choose?
I'd have to say the dream closet, because I really don't spend too much time in my bedroom unless I'm blogging, doing my makeup, or catching up on that all important beauty sleep. Besides, In my dream closet there'd be a lounge section. If you're gunna dream, dream big right?

4. Fill in the blank: I work best when____.
Under pressure with a cup of tea in my hand and a dog beneath my feet in the dead of night. 

5. What' a nervous habit of yours?
It use to be biting my nails, but that stopped after 6th grade when I started to regularly paint my nails. Now whenever I get nervous, I scratch my arms of tug on my earlobes. Whenever I feel awkward though I bite my lip. All habits I'm told are not very ladylike. 

6. Would you kiss on a first date?
Most definitely, I would kiss at the first spot of a spark when the moment feels right. Which includes, but is not limited to the first date. I always think it's really attractive when the guy takes charge. I'm all for being a modern woman in the 21st century and taking things into your own hands in the dating realm, but still. Sometimes my heart just begs for a little romance :3. 

7. Do you prefer cream, liquid, or powder highlighters?
I'd have to say liquid gels, because I find the most seamlessly into all skin types. With cream highlights, I feel like it accentuates unevenness in texture on problem areas, and liquids attract every dry flake on your face and stick to them like glue. You end up with a face that looks like popcorn ceiling from the 70's D: 

8. Do you have a style icon?
Not one individual person, no. I take style and design inspiration from all sorts of places, especially blogs and runways. 

9. Game of choice?
Oh that's a tough one, ummm....
Card Game: BS of Poker
Board Game: Cranium
Xbox Game: Catherine or Call of Duty (not the first one though)

10. Something that's been stuck in your head:
Barbecued Ribs. I can't stop thinking about how badly I want some baby back ribs. Figures I'd start wanting bbq as soon as the weather turns enough to make it impossible to make XP.

and jazz. For some reason I'm really getting into it. 

It was nice talking to you today :3

currently listening to: dont stop~ gin wigmore

ps. HOLY SHITBALLS I MADE IT missed it by 10 seconds... blegh


  1. oh that photo is beyond previous O.O

    I used to live in shorts and tights in winter - now i'm more a skirts girl!


  2. Midiskirts are still huge for fall, I'm thinking they'll become a stable for me as the months grow colder. I'm not sure how they'll pan out with tights though