Monday, October 17, 2011

Collab'd Style and a Kick in the Butt

So after many a blab and nag about getting together, Maggie and I finally hung out to collab on some outfits. These pics are from our meet about 2 weeks ago, I just couldn't find the time to sit down and get things together until now (more on that below). The two of us have very different styles, but that's what makes it so fun to shop together. Somehow we're attracted to the same pieces of clothing, but they turn out looking totally different on each of us. Just goes to show how far styling really can change a piece. Speaking of which, funny story actually...

It turns out that that both Maggie bought this same peachy beige pussybow top from Gap within a day of eachother! I thought I was pretty slick, nabbing it for $30 instead of it's advertised sale price on of $42, but THE VERY NEXT DAY Maggie went in to the same exact store, and got it for $15! Oh sales gods, why do you hate me so....

So far Maggie hasn't put up any pics of her styling this piece, but I'm interested to see how it'll differ from mine. 

(I lost this chain ring the next weekend while I was out to lunch *facepalm*)

What I'm Wearing:
top~ Gap
shorts~ American Eagle
tights~ ASOS
shoes~ thrifted
chain ring~ American Eagle
cocktail ring~ borrowed

Ouchie, guys I'm so sore. I'm on this new health kick that my friends pushed me in to, they're trying to make me more of an "outdoorsey" girl. In the last year or two I haven't really been at my peak of physical fitness due to my health restriciting my activites, so now that I'm better I asked my friends to help motivate me into getting back into shape. Unfortunately when I said "motivate", they thought I meant "PLEASE ABUSE MY BODY." For the past couple weeks they've made me do all sorts of healthy shizz. Running, hiking, stomping through creeks, and walking. SO MUCH WALKING. LIKE. EVERYWHERE. ALL THE TIME. My friend Liam even convinced me to climb onto a roof, which I promptly fell off of.... gracefully. Oh lordy guis, what is a squishy little Asian to do?  Halppp, save me from a healthy lifestyle :P.

It was nice talking to you toay :3

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  1. I actually have some pictures of me wearing that shirt... but I styled it pretty similarly to the way you did, but I threw a slouchy sweater over it. Pictures will be up... eventually... :D;;

  2. you both are gorgeous!

  3. Love the blouse, such a beautiful color. Love that you styled it with knee high socks ! Adorable x

  4. I love that top! Got to get to Gap ASAP :)

  5. Great look! loove the bow on your top :)

  6. awesome looks! that tie neck blouse is gorgeous :) what a fun idea! love the photos!


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