Monday, September 26, 2011

Monday Murpage

Yes I know I've missed two Mondays XD. I'm sorry, I"m sorry. I have no excuse. Let me make it up to you by telling you a little itty bitty story about how today's murpage came to be.
So I was minding my own business, surfing the interwebs talking to my peeps, and enjoying the soft fur of a dog at my feet; when suddenly, a little chat box popped up from none other than the ever punctual Maggie. We get in to talking about our days, going back and forth with blog tips and Nutella hot chocolate recipies (yum!), until she brings on the inevitable prodding I know is just the Maggie way:

"You know you have to get that Monday Murpage in before 12 or it doesn't count," She types with what I can only imagine looks like the face of a disproving Asian mother.

Yes I know Maggie, I'm on it. I swear on shirtless Zuko I will do my very best.

1. Mood:
Fantastic actually :D. Today started off kinda blah, I went to the mall and left without a single thing, a sure sign of depression. But now that I'm all settled in for the night and have some sushi in my belly I'm pretty content.

2. Quick name three things you're good at:
listening, poker, and closet organization.

3. Do you have a cartoon crush?
isn't it obvious? ^^^^
I'd either travel Zuko's Pangea-like world with him, or marry the fairy prince from Thumbelina. 

4. Explain your current hairstyle:
It's mid length to just above my bust with long layers. When I got my hair cut, originally I had bangs put in, but I soon realized that bangs are a lot of maintenance and I wasn't in to going in for trims every 3 weeks, so now I've parted it right down the middle. Here's a picture of it kinda curled from about 2 weeks ago:

5. Do you follow seasonal trends?
I always try to be aware of them, but I don't follow them religiously just to be "in". I find that stores generally try to keep up with trends, and by just buying things I'm attracted to I stay pretty up to date. I do go through style phases though, which often are inspired or influenced by trends.

6. What do you think of the midi-skirt?
This is one of those trends that I can really get behind. To me, the midi skirt is a throwback to an era where femininity and lady-like demeanor was valued instead of overexposure. A properly fitting midi can show off the curves of a woman's body like no other, and still leave a bit to the imagination. I'm still on the hunt for my perfect midi, since I'm quite short at only 5'1" it's hard for me to find the right length in regular stores that doesn't cut me off awkwardly. 

7. When was the last time you finished a beauty item? (i.e lipstick, nailpolish, facewash ect.)
Last week actually. I'm trying to do another Project Pan to get through some of the hulk of my stash. I finished one of my beloved Hug Me lipsticks by MAC, and I'll havta pop over to get another soon. I don't think I ever have, nor will I ever finish an entire bottle of nailpolish. 

8. Do you prefer online, or in person shopping?
Like I've mentioned before, I have a bit of an online shopping addiction, but there still are some things i will only buy in person. Jeans, ballgowns, and catsuits all must be tried on and appraised for alterations before a single dime can be thrown down. 

9. What's your latest bargain buy?
Yesterday I went to DSW down south with my mom and found THE MOST fantastically amazing pair of shoes. They're these adorable pistachio green loafers that were simply calling my name. The universe must have wanted me to have them too because they were on sale from $75 to $39.99 with an additional 40% off with a coupon :D. Talk about a bang worthy bargain.

10. Something that's been stuck in your head:
The title sequence song to "Hey Arnold". Look it up it's jazzerific. 

Comment below with you answers too, I'm really quite curious to know all about ya'll :).

It was nice talking to you today :3

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  1. I love how I'm mentioned. BTW -- did you know that there's a DSW replacing the Benjamin Franklin's in Vintage Oaks?

  2. No I did not,


  3. Glad to have informed you.